In-Person Psychotherapy

Small Victories Wellness Services, PLLC provides in-person psychotherapy and counseling services in downtown Middletown, CT. We typically meet with clients for psychotherapy weekly for 55-minute sessions. However, different clients have different treatment needs that might require you to meet more or less frequently. It's difficult to predict how long it might take us to meet your treatment goals, because different people move through therapeutic work at different paces (and that's ok). It's important for us to communicate along the way about how you're feeling about our work and whether it feels like we are moving in a helpful direction. We always welcome questions and feedback during the therapeutic process.

Your first appointment is called an intake session which has a different feel than typical therapy sessions. Intake appointments are more structured and focus on gathering information about your history and presenting concerns and discussing your goals for our work together. Your therapist might take notes and ask many specific questions during this first appointment. We will also review practice policies and make sure you have an opportunity to ask questions about confidentiality. Sometimes the intake process can take more than one session.

office location

Pythian Building
(Between Typhoon Restaurant and Ford News Diner)
360 Main St, Suite 2D
Middletown, CT 06457

Follow the stairs up to the second floor, u-turn around the bannister, and enter the waiting area. Please have a seat, help yourself to a beverage, and make yourself comfortable! Your therapist will be out to get you when it’s time to begin.